Bike Room Upgrade (Fort Knox 2)

Moved out of the storage unit at the end of May.  It was scary, far away and too expensive.   I put my stuff in the basement here at the apartment building, in boxes other storage containers, bought a heavy, locking tool-chest and set up in the darkest, dingiest cellar corner.   And then covered the whole thing with a tarp.

The next morning everything had already been sifted through.  Whoever did the sifting ignored my collection of valuable bike parts (most New In Box) and instead stole only my bolt cutters.   I blame a professional bike thief.  Only a pro would ignore hundreds in merchandise and tools to steal a $20 pair of bolt cutters, the one thing that keeps on creating $$.

The response was swift and sudden, and all things of value were removed to my apartment that afternoon.  At no small cost — 10 heavily burdened trips to the third floor!

I called the building manager and asked if I could build a secure room.  I set out to build Fort Knox 2.   Framing, concrete anchors, the works.  Very diverting!

It’s done.  The latching mechanism is the weak point.  I’ll upgrade tomorrow.   I need a wider bolt pattern, and yes, bolts, not screws.

Bike Room Move

Tis the season! 

My room over at the storage space is getting too $$ and also is too hot in summer, so I think I may move into my basement.   I’m a little worried about security of tools etc, but I spoke to the father of one of the ‘prime threat’, a group of high school kids who ride fixies and hang out around the apartment.  i want to get the high school kid on board actually, to potentially share the stand/tools, but apparently he actually doesn’t ride (this all according to the dad) since he (the dad) had a close call in Guatemala while biking which resulted in lots of surgery and apparently even more trauma, since he now won’t let his son on a bike.   which to me is crazy since apparently all the son’s buddies are fixie kids.