March Lions (and new philosophy)

March is here.   Cycle season approaches!

I have a bunch of inventory to clear out to make room for some new builds.   Buy a bunch I mean about 8 bikes.    I’m going to restore them to functionality and let them go cheap.  After that, this year,  I’m going to focus strictly on cromoly frames, re-building bikes at a price point of $550.

At this slightly higher price point,  I can ensure that I’m happy with the quality of what I’m putting my work into.   The bikes I build will feature high-quality, time-tested frames  re-purposed as single/fixed gear bikes (for the eco-conscious and those with a vintage-chic sensibility).   I can also ensure high quality setup and a wheelset/drivetrain that will stand the test of city use,   benefits that are often missing when builders aim at the $350 price point.   Finally, the good-quality components guarantee that I will always be happy to maintain the bikes I sell.

It’s gonna be a good season!

Ride Fast, Ride Safe!


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