Bike brighter

Been thinking about side visibility recently.

In terms of personal feelings of well-being while night-cycling, my hierarchy of visibility goes 1) Front, 2) Side, 3) Rear.

This holds true for *most* of my cycling situations.  The exception being cases where I’m expecting to be overtaken frequently from behind at high speeds — a situation I hate and try to avoid at great cost.  If high-speed overtaking is happening, rear visibility jumps up in importance.

So, thinking about side visibility I picked up a couple of these new *Fibre Flares* in red.  While the product is obviously a prototype (“World’s First Fiber Optic Bike Light”) they’re still definitely functional– bright, and the rubber slings attach them securely to the bicycle frame.   I  tried them out for the first time a few days ago during a torrential Chicago rain, and they’re apparently waterproof as well.   Here’s a pic from their website.

And here’s a  funny promo video.


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