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I’ve been mulling a new bike (surprise) — something geared toward flatland tricks.   FGFS –Fixed Gear Freestyle.    The more I read and talk to people about options and the pros and cons of various companies/models/styles, the more I realize that the whole FGFS concept is in fact a cultural battleground between two camps — in one folks who think track bikes look beautiful and cool riding around on city streets, and in the other folks who ask  if the goal is to do tricks on a bike that won’t fail why one wouldn’t just ride a BMX, a durable style of bicycle whose manufacture was basically perfected  in the 1980s.

Check out for example, zlogblog on “fixed-freestlye” and debate over two urban velo articles, “Fixed Gear Evolution?” and the recent followup “Fixed Gear Evolution or Revolution?”  by John Prolly of prolly is not probably.

It looks like the search for a great fixed-freestlye bike is really the search for the perfect hybrid.   And honestly, every conceivable feature is up for (often hysterical) debate, including frame style, material, and fabrication method,  fork style and rake, wheel size, chainring/crankset type etc, etc, etc.

[To make things even more convoluted, the veracity of some of the claims made by manufacturers is doubtful.   For example, is it even true that all pro bmx riders eschew aluminum frames in favor of steel?  Maaaybe…. Another issue is that in the real world, one learns from experience.  On the web, it’s often too easy to “learn” via cut and paste.]

Here’s the current shortlist of the bikes under consideration:

Brooklyn Machine Works GANGSTA TRACK

Volume Cutter

Gorilla Kilroy

SE  P.K. RIPPER  Reissue

Charge Scissor

Atm, I’m leaning toward the Charge Scissor.


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