amazing b true bikes sales policy??

I’ve been thinking about how to add value to the bikes I sell through some sort of guarantee or buyback option.  I came up with something good finally, after going to Best Buy and buying an HD camcorder to take our Soapbox Artist Profiles to the next level.    How did my consumer electronics shopping spree effect bike revelation?   Good question.

It was actually the sales *mistake* of the dude in Portable Electronics that afforded me clarity.  Basically, the guy offered me a 14 day trial period with the camera, and the option of returning it with zero re-stocking fee.   I was immediately taken but he seemed not to notice, and instead continued to offer me various price discounts.   These fell on deaf ears, since I’d already committed to the product, *if it met my needs*, at his first price, discounts notwithstanding.   By offering the zero-risk trial he shifted my attention from price to functionality — value became not a $ amount but instead attached to whether the product worked or not.  Brilliant.

Granted, if the camera does in fact meet my needs, in 13 days I’ll probably start thinking about how much I’ve actually spent.  But any ‘buyers remorse’ that may develop will almost certainly be insufficient to prompt me to return the camera and comparison shop for a better deal.   Too much of a hassle.   If I’m happy with the camera and it works, I’ll keep it.

So, the mistake of the Best Buy dude was continuing to offer me discounts.  I was willing to pay a higher price for the option of a zero-risk trial period.

And so voila, I apply this amazing principle to bikes.  Ba——dow.

See new Sales Policy page at top.  What do you think?  Good idea or notttttt.


2 thoughts on “amazing b true bikes sales policy??

  1. Brendan Finucane says:

    thank you 🙂 we’ll see how it works out. it should be great unless everyone i’ve ever sold a bike simultaneously requests that i buy their bike back at 60%. that would precipitate a truly devastating collapse of the economy 😉 (and no, there is no relationship between my sales policy and a ponzi scheme.)

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