Cannondale CAAD 9-5 Test Ride

Test-rode the 2010 CAAD 9-5 the other day at Kozy’s.   Somehow they let me do this during Maxwell St. Market, which surrounds the cycle store and is a semi-official fence for stolen bicycles.  I guess they felt in control, holding my license and major credit card.  (*minor* credit card, if it’s my credit limit we’re talking about.)

It’s a pretty sweet all-aluminum bike, but I don’t have much of a basis of comparison– yet.   The bars were too wide for my shoulders, but that’s easy enough to change.   It took me a minute to figure out how to upshift using the brifters — I was worried I’d have to return to the showroom and confess I didn’t know how to use the bike.

The ride was stiff, fast and fun but not enough so to overcome my distrust of multi-speed bicycles.  True, the Shimano 105 shifted very cleanly, and the movements of the derailleurs felt *compact* and controlled.   Still, the derailleurs felt extraneous.  Unnecessary trappings holding back what would otherwise be a dangerously fast horse.  Things that might go wrong, or break under load.

So, I wasn’t sold.  I’ll test ride the Felt F75 at Upgrade Cycle Works, the only local Felt dealer I’ve found, and then hopefully the Fuji ACR 2.0 will be back from recall (!!?) at Performance soon.


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