Sadworld :(

The Cierra 2000 from the post below was stolen.  From out front the train station.  I somehow thought that the area was high-traffic enough that a cable-lock would be enough.  It wasn’t 😦   It was a really nice and thick cable too.  Gone.


1.  U Locks ONLY.

2.  Continue to research GPS/radio transmitters, design lojack for bikes.

I updated craigslist posting to “Stolen” with pics, filed a police report, a report on the fantastic Chicago Stolen Bike Registry, and posted to the Chainlink forum with pics.  I have high hopes for this one, since the frame has unique decals.   Hopefully it’ll be as it was in Japan, when I was able to steal my bike back from the thief.  Man, that was one of my finer moments 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sadworld :(

  1. Brendan Finucane says:

    it was amazing. my little 20″ commuter got jacked from the train station in my neighborhood in japan. they broke my little lock. i figured it was probably someone in the hood who one night just didn’t feel like walking home, so i kept my eyes open, walking different routes to the train station each day. until i spotted it at some apartment. the wheel was locked, so i just picked it up, carried it home and broke the lock. happily ever after 🙂

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