Road racers go!

Even though I won’t be in the market for a new racing bike for some time, I’ve started thinking about one.   A lightweight, versatile bike I could use if I ever do a tri again, and one that would definitely work for an amateur road race like a criterium.  There’s just so much out there, so much marketing and hype that I’ve been wary of committing to the task of sorting through the noise.   But, I’ve decided to make the leap and review the options,  just in case the opportunity to acquire a new bike does go knock- knock.

Price Range: $900 – $1500

Used vs. New

With aluminum/carbon, I’m afraid of buying used for metallurgical/material reasons. Aluminum frames can have hairline cracks– next to invisible.   Both aluminum and carbon fatigue much quicker than steel, and unlike steel have no threshold below which repetitive stress has no impact.

Soooo, I think new is good.


At a minimum, Shimano 105.


I like the idea of aluminum with carbon fork and carbon rear triangle. From what I’ve read, carbon seat stays cushion the harshness of an aluminum frame, making these bike suitable for longer rides.

Three bikes are standouts from the crowd, so far. Stay tuned.


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