bought a couple new old bikes

from a kid in uptown.   Pretty rough condition, but paint ok.  Nothing that a little elbow grease, chemical bath and general tlc can’t handle.  One is aPanasonic dx 1000, which is an entry-level model BUT is all chromoly, and according to Yellow Jersey was built at the same matsushita/national factory in Osaka as the Schwinn World Voyageur.  From the serial, it’s 1988.  Year supported by Shimano sis index shifting.   Probably keep this one as a multispeed.

In part because the hardware cleaned up so well…

And a black Miyata 310,  entry model in the semi-pro series.   I sold another 310 a month ago– it’s a great bike.  Year 1981, according to Miyata Bicycle Catalogs. The black 310 was produced in ’81 and 82′ only; the set of Suntour VX derailleurs (ARX = 82′)  supports 1981.  


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